Suma 2023 Wrapped

Before starting, I must mention that none of the good things would have happened without my patron's existence. So, every trip, concert, market, and the reason why I'm where I am, is thanks to him.


This year went too fast, but I guess all of them feel the same. It's been full of fun, and also pain. To begin with, just one day before the year started I moved to Germany. Who would have said that my teenage dream would come true one day. After a few days, I attended the first concert in my life (Rumahoy, Wind Rose, Gloryhammer and Alestorm).  And I got to play with snow!
February and March would have been kind of peaceful, if it wasn't because I worked hard and against my brain to make good art and sell it on a convention, only to get sad after being rejected. After years wishing for it, I could finally enjoy opening a website for my work!

April was full of emotions.. I had to handle art block since I drained my mind during the two months before... And then found out, thanks to other people before my family told me, that my grandmother passed away. But then, we travelled to Switzerland! Despite being fine here in Germany, Ticino won the rename of "Paradise" for me. Yet, sinners like me can't stay long in there. Plus I broke my meniscus while hiking. A pain that would stay for two months.

Did that stop me from going hiking? Guess you know the answer. So on Obertiliach, Austria, I finally reached over 2.000 meters above sea! And ate the most beautiful cake ever (also tasted great). Can't forget to mention that in the mountains, in an abandoned building I had some weird encounter that gave me goosebumps and some nightmares. Then back home, for not too long, since next trip was Hinterthal, Austria. During the month at home, I started to take medication for depression. But what could have helped, ended up being pain, and secondary effects that would overtake the reason why I was taking those pills. The good thing is that finally my knee had healed by the time, so most of the Austrian mountains were enjoyable to hike... Except for one because my shoes played me bad and I feared I would roll down the mountain like one of the many thousand boulders in there. The views? 10/10 (even from the hotel). 
And because my patron seems to have an agreement with gods in every single trip, we would always have that single day hiking under rain, or hail. 

On August, the party was loud. Summerbreeze, which was also a dream to go from a few years ago, was the biggest festival I've ever been. Blackbriar, League of Distortion, Rave the Reqviem (specially), and Eluveitie were my main reasons to attend, but we also watched some others live. Besides that, we also visited the famous city that inspired Atack on Titan. Oh, before I forget, something that surprised me is the big amount of castles that Austria and Germany have, and that are free to visit as the ruins they are.
Finally on September, everything calmed down a bit. For less than a month because then we attended some more concerts, and I've been forgetting to mention how anxious I feel every single trip in car. I will also mention here that for the entire year I also struggled with muscle cramps here and there, so almost no day was out of misery, despite the fun. 
October wasn't peaceful either. I don't know why. Well, the first market where I could sell my art didn't bring the best results. And anxiety started to take over me stronger than before, and I couldn't enjoy not even my favourite part of the year: Halloween. The cherry on top was discovering that in Germany there's no lemon cakes anywhere, not even supermarkets. 

And November, oh sweet November. Everything fell apart even more. Health left existence. The medication to help me staying calm ended up causing the contrary effects, and despite I've been dealing with this for my entire life, my body finally gave a first alert, sending me to the hospital.
I hope December will be alright, I can't foresee much about it. Until now, the year has been full of improvement with art, fun, trips and pain here and there. I haven't said everything, it would take way too long, so hope to see ya soon!

Despite the crazy year, this has been the first time where my improvement finally showed up. January and February were kinda similar to the past half year. I was still getting used to Clip Studio Paint, and testing out all the brushes. On one night of insomnia, the A-Cat was born. A silly drawing that took me 20 seconds became the most loved character I've ever created. After the failed attempt to sell in the convention, my graphic tablet broke down, in April. thanks to my patron, I could get a way better one, which would allow me to improve astronomically. No more pixeled views, no more contrast issues. From here, the rest is history. Practice after practice, there was a moment where I felt confident enough to start a webcomic! And afterwards, I finally became capable to making tutorials!