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  •  I have set the prices to the amount of time I'll spend with the piece. So the pricing is 8€/h, and every price will be adapted to the commissioned piece.
  •  I can reject any commission for an explainable reason.
  •  My canvases are up to 6.000 pixels high and wide, 350dpi, RGB, png.
  •  Discounts are available for Patrons. The higher the tier, the greater the discount.
  •  There's 3 options for backgrounds, excluding the Landscape pieces: Simple (Basic color or Gradient - Free), Complex (Detailed Background - +15 eur) and None (Transparent png - Free). 
  •  Gray Scale options are always valued as 3/4 of the colored piece.
  •  Lineart is valued as 1/4 of the smaller option, and adding 5€ for bigger ones.
  •  The finished piece is sent in a digital file, as a Png, via email, unless the client wants it printed. In this case, the cost of the print will be added to the final price.
  •  NSFW is only available for Patrons of Spicy Tier: 1 slot per person per month. Such commissions can only be asked on Patreon's DMs, never on the Commissions Form.
  • I won't draw anything offensive nor violence.
  • Horror and Dark commissions are accepted.


  •  Every commission will be paid via PayPal, 70% after my primary sketch for the piece, as a confirmation. The other 30% can be paid anytime between the sketch and the final result. If the payments are not done, the final piece will not be send. The link to the Paypal will be sent on the email with the answer to the Commission Form.
  •  If there's a required deadline, you must state it from the start.
  •  You may specify if your commission is destined for personal or commercial use, Commercial use will increase the price for 40% of the original, and includes the rights to use it.
  •  If you're a Patron, you'll get a discount according to your Tier.
  •  On the Commissions Form, you may include references for colors, details and poses, if needed.
  •  You can decide whether if I can share the results on social media or not.
  •  The use of my art for feeding Artificial Intelligences is forbidden. I do not allow my pieces to become seeds, unless you state that it is for Commercial use and get the rights of the work. If used as such after buying for Personal, I can take legal steps against it. Note that the copyright still belongs to the artist who created the piece and using it on other company services is not permitted.

Commission Form

Once you checked out the pricings, terms and conditions, you can commission me following this link:

Commissions Form



Semirealistic Human/Original Character

Includes: Human-like, Mecha, Hybrids, extra limbs.

Bust: 40€
Half body: 60€
Full body: 90€
Bust: 30€
Half body: 45€
Full body: 68€
Bust: 10€
Half body: 15€
Full body: 20€


 Includes: Any real life animal, and fantasy creatures such as Dragons, Phoenix Birds, Dark Entities, etc.

  1. Real Life: 55€
  2. Fictional: 100€
  1. Real life: 40€
  2. Fictional: 75€
  1. Real life: 10€
  2. Fictional: 25€

Landscape and Scenery

 Includes: Any natural view. Non detailed animals and small buildings such as field houses are considered as part of the Landscape.

  1. Color: 150€
  2. Grayscale: 115€


Castle/Church/Ruins (old buildings)
  1.  Interior: 180€
  2.  Exterior: 200€
City views (modern/futuristic)
  1.  Interior: 80€
  2.  Exterior: 160€


  1.  Still Life: 30-60€
  2.  Chibis: 1€
  3.  Discord/Twitch emotes pack: 15€

If you wish to see more examples of my work, you can visit my Portfolio.



  • Any use on other platforms and services is considered as "Commercial Use", which is 40% the price of the artwork, added to the final value. This means that the Exclusive right of Use, as a Copyrighted piece, shall be bought alongside the final result. If a piece is used otherwise, the creator of the piece (Empress Suma in this case), will resort to legal terms. 
  • NFTs are subjected to the Commercial Use Terms. Once paid for the piece, the owner will be able to sell it as they wish. No exception is made, no NFT will be sold under the name of Empress Suma as an owner, rather than as author.
  • Using artwork by Empress Suma for feeding AIs is not allowed. 
  • To avoid any possible scam, all payments should be done before receiving the final result, which won't be sent until the payment is complete.