Searching for a gift? A-Cat T-shirts? Prints? Here you can find all you need!




Butterfly Series (20x30cm)

Canvas unit: 20€

Print unit: 10€

Canvas bundle: 80€

Print bundle: 40€

Medusa (40x40cm)

Canvas unit: 35€

Ominous Forest (50x70cm)

Canvas unit: 60€

Still Life (30x30cm)

Print unit: 25€

Peacock-Tailed Rat (20x30cm)

Print unit: 10€

Fountain (50x60cm)

Canvas unit: 50€

Snowy Mountain (59,4x42cm)

Print unit: 20€

Ethereal bog (42x59,4cm)

Print unit: 20€

Drunken Dwarf (29,7x42cm)

Print unit: 15€


Midnight Life (42x59,4cm)

Print unit: 20€


A-CAT Merchandise

A-Cat Mugs

Mug unit: 10€

A-Cat coffee (30x40)

Canvas unit: 20€


Theese goodies can be adquired by emailing directly to

Any picture from the Portfolio that is not on this list can be printed on demand, and can be ordered using via the same email. Sizes and prices can be discussed.

A-Cat T-shirts
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