Here's the list of most asked questions to Empress Suma. If your question is still not answered here, you can contact her at any time.

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- Which is the best way to contact Empress Suma?

On the email: empresssumaofficial@gmail.com, or on her social media, such as @empress.suma on Instagram, or @empresssuma on Discord.

- Are commissions open at the moment?

Yes. If they ever close, it will be announced on website and social media.

- Where can I find the Paypal account?

It will be sent on an email as a response from the Commissions form. In case you wanna share tips, you can on her Linktree: Tips Support

- Is there any refund Policy?

Time worked = pricing. If a commission is cancelled before the final payment, the hours worked will still be paid from the first payment, returning to the owner the resting result of the unfinished commission.

- What are the sizes of the printed artworks?

Despite there can be variations depending on the format and personal choices, usually are A4 and A3.

- Does Empress Suma have any art degree?

No. She is a self taught artist. 

- Where does the "Ethereal Semi-realistic style" name come from?

Many times, followers and friends have mentioned the word "Ethereal" while describing the Empress' art.

- Where are the Original Paintings sold?

Currently, on local markets around Baden-Württemberg. They are always announced on social media and Events.

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