Freelance Digital Artist

Leimen, Germany


Greetings! This is the official website of Empress Suma. Here you will find all the information about her works, commissions, shop, tutorials and events.
Labeled as Ethereal Art, the pieces made by Empress Suma vary from semi realistic art to chibi styles. Want to commission an artwork? You can find all information on Commissions.
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Instagram: @empress.suma
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 Whether you are an artist or an art supporter, here you can find all about Suma's work. But to start from the beginning: Who is Empress Suma?

 Suma is a Freelance artist currently living in Leimen, Germany. Her art is often considered as Semirealistic, under the self created label of "Ethereal", which usually portrays emotions representing her inner self. Besides this style, emotes and chibis are also portrayed.

  Born in Reus, Tarragona, at a young age she already started drawing and writing, as well as studying any culture of the world that she found about. She was also raised in several different field houses, mostly, which allowed her to learn about flora and fauna on the Mediterranean area. From the start, her stories and art were always inspired by ruins, history, and nature, but it already showed the lack of stability due to the several changes and other issues. At the age of 18, Suma adopted the title of Empress, alongside with the current name she holds, after publishing her first fantasy book in Spanish. A short story about an universe, which later would be expanded, taking the name of H'alarennae. This universe holds every tale and all the science created by Suma, from fantasy to sci-fi. Currently, she's working in translating the 5 already published books, and the unpublished chronicles.

 The aim for improvement is more of an inspiration than anything else. As an example, her main Original Character, which takes her own name and title:

This is the improvement within 6 years. Same character, different skills and tools. A reminder to never give up, and to leave the comfort zone little by little, step by step. Artist or non artist, it doesn't matter. Keep it up, even if sometimes you feel like giving up. There's more to lose if you leave your projects than if you keep improving at your own pace.

- Empress Suma

To check out the GIF stickers, you can lead to Giphy: Empress Suma



Laptop: HP ProBook
Graphic Tablet: Huion Kamvas20
Program: Clip Studio Paint Pro, v.2.0
Canvas: from 4.000px to 10.000px


Tools used in the past:

Device: Xiaomi Mi9, from january 2020 to June 2020
Device: Acer Aspire ES 17
1st Graphic Tablet: Wacom Intuos S, from June 2020 to July 2022
2nd Graphic Tablet: Xppen Artist 12, from July 2022 to March 2023
1st Program: Autodesk Sketchbook, from january 2020 to December 2022


 Want to collaborate? Have any questions? You can contact Empress Suma on:

Email: empresssumaofficial@gmail.com
Discord: empresssuma
Instagram: @empress.suma



All work is copyrighted and registered under the artistic name Empress Suma. All rights reserved.